Saturday, February 14, 2009

Scrum Chef

Similarities of Iron Chef (Japan) and Scrum:

ScrumIron Chef
Time boxing60 minute battle
Sprint themeTheme ingredient
Single Product ownerChairman Kaga
Sprint planningMenu planning (esp Michiba)
Daily ScrumRegular getting together of chefs with Iron chef/challenger
Sprint reviewTasting and judgement
Sprint retrospective - - -
Self organised teamsIron Chef/Challenger with a team of trusted chefs carry out the work

OK, there are quite a few differences too.


Adrian said...

Nice analogy. As a Food Network junkie and Iron Chef addict, this was particularly appealing to me. I've used mise en place as a metaphor for iteration 0 in the past... I'm sure there are other lessons from the food world that apply.

The retrospective occurs, I imagine, just is not televised. I presume it's done over Ouzo (for Cat Cora) or similar refreshments post-competition.

One adjustment I'd make is to use the agile terms instead of the scrum branded terms, because the analogy extends to a broader audience. Plus, I generally dislike the scrum terms... they come across as cult-ish (e.g. scrum master, daily scrum).

L said...

What is "mise en place"?

I don't have a problem with the scrum terms, and I'd think that these have a broader audience than the more common XP terms used at TW.

Haven't you noticed that TW is a cult? :)