Sunday, August 31, 2008

Apple store in Sydney - revisited

When I went to the Sydney apple store to buy a nano for my sprightly 74 year old mother I was impressed with how things worked.

As there is no counter I had to find a suitably uniformed person to ask about the desired toy. This guy disappeared and returned with a lovely silver nano still in it's clear plastic shell. Then I asked "where do I pay for this". The transaction was handled on the spot, excellent, and the tax invoice emailed to me, double plus excellent.

My only complaint. The man in blue needed to go and get a paper receipt for me to sign.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

"The race of his/her/their life." Yet another phrase that must die

Maybe if the losers were going to be sacrificed to the gods of Olympia, then I think it would be ok to describe it as "the race of their/his/her life", though perhaps the "race for their lives".

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Probably bad advice

My youngest has just moved from a cot into a "big bed". Out of all the kids this has been the easiest transition. In the previous three attempts there are have been weeks of putting the child back in bed until you want to use super glue to keep them there.

This guy has had a couple of nights mucking about in his room, but not coming out to say "Hi" every few minutes. It's been great.

The nicest part of the whole experience is that we haven't had to use our tried and proven child torture method Removing the soft toy. We have given all our kids a few soft toy things to sleep with each night (ducks, bears, pigs, penguins) and the kids have become attached to these toys. It's very cute and very practical. After you've put them back to bed for the second time you can say
"If you get out of bed again I'll take ".
We've usually started with a less significant toy and on a few occasions worked up to the final, favourite, night companion - that will only happen once, then they learn.

Ok, it's probably torture, but water-boarding is ok, so I can sleep well at night. It's certainly easier than having to sit outside the bedroom door and hold it shut (true story, not mine).

Sunday, August 3, 2008

When you're certain you're right

On a cold winter morning (ok, it doesn't get that cold in Sydney) my eldest son son is sitting on the couch in pyjamas. We had this exchange...

My eldest son: I'm sooooo coooold, can someone get me blanket
His wise father: How about you get dressed and put a jumper and shoes on
My eldest son: That won't help meeeeeee